Own It (S6E10)

Self-Brain Surgery Tip #7: (It's Tata's birthday! Email him if you'd like to say hello! lee@drleewarren.com ) When you make a mistake, admit it to you...View Details

When God Says No (S6E9)

When You Can't Hear Truth in Your Own Brain, You Need Better Words (REPLAY of Season 5, Episode 89 for Wild Card Wednesday) “Take to heart all the wor...View Details

It's Tuesdays with Tata! Today, we talk about Romans 12, to find the incredible hope that lies in changing our minds. Music by Tommy Walker

Sign up ...View Details

It's Mind Change Monday! Gratitude is a key superpower for happiness. C.S. Lewis teaches us how to find the little evidences, the "Godlight" around us...View Details

If You Keep Making the Same Mistakes, Don't Give Up! Make a new decision about the same old mistakes, starting today! Scripture: Colossians 3:13 Music...View Details

It's Self-Brain Surgery Saturday! Today's operation is The Gratitude Graft. Learning how to be grateful in any situation is a super neuroscience power...View Details

Welcome to the first episode of Friday Conversations! There Are Some Things We Need to Line Up This conversation with New York Times bestselling autho...View Details

Axes and Trees (S6E3)

Decide to Use Your Words for Good Use the power of neuroscience to make the world a better place! Plus, some thoughts about how to handle dark times a...View Details

Psalm 116 Shows Us How to Keep Our Faith During Hard Times Here's some thoughts and prayer through Psalm 116. Plus, excepts from Dane Ortlund's beauti...View Details

Tata and I take on II Corinthians 4:7-18! (Classic episode from last November that's a perfect way to start Season 6. We'll be back with an all-new Tu...View Details

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