Nerding Out on Happiness A few words about happiness, dancing, and macaroni. It’s all Greek to me, with a little Hebrew in there too. We’re going to t...View Details

Living the Fiction(S2E26)

Fiction is great for reading, but terrible for living! A while back, we received an email from a friend named John. He’s a writer and an artist, and i...View Details

Sometimes Life Can Feel Crushing Here's a great conversation with my best friend Lisa Warren about holding up under great trials, and five true things...View Details

A Little Lesson About Promised Land Problems (Originally YST 054) What if I told you that you could take a two-week trip and make it last forty years?...View Details

What Are You Really Hungry For? In this episode, we look at food, fuel, numbing, surrogates, tomorrow taxes, and how to fill up on the one thing that ...View Details

Action April (S2E22)

It's Go Time! It's Action April, and the only question is, are you ready to start today?   Philippians 3:13-15Brothers and sisters, I do not consider ...View Details

It's Time for Action!  Here are seven ways to start today! Please check out and consider supporting the great work Mitch and the tea...View Details

Perspective Changes Everything! This episode is all about airplanes, the magic of imagination, and the power of perspective.  Scriptures mentioned in ...View Details

If, Wait, Then: The Surgery of Hope Life can be very difficult, and sometimes it seems like we're all alone and without hope in a dark world. But here...View Details

Get Clear (S2E18)

Mind Change March is Giving Way to Action April. It's go time. And you can't get where you're going without clarity on the path you need to take.   Li...View Details

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