Hope On Your Head (S3E33)

Life Throws a Lot At Us: We Need a Helmet Paul tells us that the hope of salvation is our helmet, to protect our minds from all that's coming for us. ...View Details

Action Word Hope (S3E32)

Hope is not passive, it's active A reminder of the power of using the action-word/verb of hope even in our darkest moments. 

Self-brain surgery tip #6: Hope is a verb. You have to choose it, chase it, fight and flex for it. Negative is natural, positive is spiritual. Romans...View Details

I have a question for you. Do you ever feel sorry for yourself? You know, my life is so hard and no one understands and I'll never get that job or he ...View Details

A great conversation with Lisa about how to be under pressure but not depressed! II Corinthians 4:8-10

It's Tuesdays with Tata! Some thoughts about the difference between Jesus being simply our savior, and the power of submitting to Him as Lord. Book re...View Details

Fuel (S3E27)

If you don't think you have the strength to get up Here's some fuel for your hungry soul.

Time to Get Up (S3E26)

Whatever is holding you down, friend, it's time to get up! Jesus says you can. Here's how.

I've heard it a million times, from friends, family members, patients, and listeners all over the world. The same thing, over and over: "I'm stuck. I ...View Details

Self-brain surgery tip #5: The past is a terrible place to find identity, but it’s a great place to find lessons. Use it to map a better future, not t...View Details

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